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Line Control Is No Longer a Problem Using a PPH with Bookie Lines Control Features

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As a bookie, one of the more difficult things to manage when taking bets is the movement of the line. Unless you have a real-time program, it is extremely difficult to keep track of where the daily action is going. If your phones stay steady when they are open for betting, there is little if any time to check with line services to see if the public lines are moving. So, as a local bookie, what can you do to stay on top of the lines to make sure you are offering your players the best line as well as protecting yourself against too much action at a given line?

If you would like to make your life easier, it is probably time to look into using a pay per head with lines control like www.7PPH.com. Using a service such as this will finally enable a smaller operation to monitor their lines better and get better control of their action. This is especially true for the local bookie that is just starting to grow their operation and seeing the control of it slip away.

Now, instead of trying to take bets and monitor the lines, you can merely sit back and manage the action as it rolls in. All of your players will now have access to their accounts online. This means you will no longer have to actually take their phone calls on betting days. It also means that you can now allow the lines to move with the money, move according to published lines, or actually move them yourself if you do not like the current line.

In most cases, PPH with lines control is not available at this price point. For $7 per head, you would normally get a nuts and bolts price per head that does little other than allow the players to place their bets. 7PPH.com has decided to scale back on other features, such as poker and live casino play, that are not vital to a local bookie operation. Instead, it focuses on giving the smaller operation everything it needs to stay competitive with bookies using other PPH services and the major online sportsbooks.

Since you are not taking the actual bets, it will give you more time to actually stay on top of things that will create the need to move your lines. As a bookie, you need to watch out for two major factors: pack betting and service picks. If ignored, either of these will result in massive amounts of wagers taking place, all on the same side and all at the same line.

Pack betting is extremely common when a bookie has a group of friends all using the same book to place wagers. They sit around on Friday night and come up with the big winner. When you notice this pattern, you may want to start moving your line after the first one or two of these guys place their wager. In addition, if your players are using sports services, they are all going to place a bet on the release. It may even be wise to subscribe to the same service so you know where their action is going and can take precautions against getting buried on one game.

Without having bookie lines control as a feature on your PPH, you are just wasting your money. Every book is different and only you really know the ebb and flow of your action. When the automated line moves are simply not enough to keep your book ahead of the game, you need to be able to access lines and make your own changes. Using a price per head like 7PPH will allow you to do just that!